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Here are the interviews we've made. At first this was going to be something big but it will just be some interviews.

Pete Antonious
This is Pete from Tyrant. (Note! The picture is taken from Wizards of Oz homepage!)

Jo Amore
Jo Amore, the singer of Nightmare!



Reverend Nice
Reverend Nice, guitarist of Deep Switch!

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Watch awesome live pictures of Tyrant taken by Martin Imber!  Click here!

Here's a very exclusive interview with the bassplayer Pete Antonious from Tyrant. Note! This is the UK-Tyrant who released the Hold Back the Lighting 7''. 


1. When was the band formed?

Sometime early 1980.


2. Was there any other band name before Tyrant?



3. Can you write down the first line-up of the band?

The first line up was

Gary Adkins- Guitar

Nick Burr -Guitar

Pete Antonius- Bass

Mark Walker -Drums

Chris Dawe- Vocals (for a short time)

The next and most long lived line up which was the best was-

Gary Adkins- Guitar

Jim Merritt -Guitar

Pete Antonius- Bass

Mark Walker -Drums

Mark Kelser-Vocals


4. Had Tyrant any influences?


Early Iron Maiden/Scorpions /Thin Lizzy & vocally melodic stuff such as Journey, Def leppard (Mark K has always been an Abba fan even back in 1980 we took the piss so much out of the heavy metal Abba fan but hey, how right was he !


5. Who wrote the songs?

The Riffs/chords and musical parts were put together during hours of home Jamming sessions between Jim/Gary/Pete and then with Mark W in his dads barn (the natural reverb in this barn was fundamental in the creation of the gutsy sound of Tyrant).

The musical parts were then given to Mark Kelser who would write lyrics and vocal lines.

So in short I'd say the songs were written by Tyrant as a unit.


6. Did Tyrant play much live? Did you play any covers?

Yes, gigs were always packed out (except Fairford american army base where only the caretaker his dog and a sound engineer turned up because someone got the wrong date! We played ocassional covers from the bands mentioned above, we even did Hallowed be thy Name and Transylvania by Maiden.


7. Describe a Tyrant gig. Which song did you usually open with?

Mike the sound engineer using all the available soundcheck time doing drums and more drums /lots of cider & black/ Martin Imber with his camera & his Suzuki.

Spandex trousers & leather jackets /Pete moaning about the sound/ Garys fur boots/ cringing at the bullshit Mark used to waffle in between songs/But the audience loved it all.

Opening song was usually something up tempo but can’t remember.


8. Did you have many fans? Did many people come to your concerts?

A loyal following of fans and friends who all came to the gigs, the cambridge suite Glos was always a favourite.


9. Where was the single recorded?

Millstream studio, Cheltenham.Glos,produced by Mike Fisher.


10. How many copies of "Hold Back the Lightning" were made?

There were so many we used them as frisbees and beer mats but guess what? I don’t have one now and am desperatly trying to get hold of one.


11. Did any record company contact Tyrant after the release of the single? Do you thin there was a future for Tyrant?

There was some vague interest from various people but we wanted to be independant because we all thought we had something that could really go far musically.


12. Were there any more songs except the ones from the demo '82 and the single? If, what was the name of the song(s)?

There were loads of songs but the best were on that 82 demo, although there were some excellent new songs on a demo featuring new guitarists Danny Gwilym & Phil Vokins. This was after Jim & Gary quit.


13. When and why did the band break up?

It must have been sometime at the beginning of ’83

Gary left to persue his BT career which (he was the only one with a' proper job' at the time) seemed a good bet at the time due to all the petty arguments.

Jim also left about this time to start playing in a U2 type pop rock act with local singer Andy Norton.

Pete and the two Marks kept the band going and recruited 2 excellent replacement guitarists Danny Gwilym and Phil Vokins.

This new line up started out well with new songs written in the same style as previous and things for about 6 or 8 months looked really good, the bands image was also improved with these 2 new guys, but as time went on things started to become a bit stagnant and there seemed to be conflicting ideas as to the bands direction etc.

Eventually Pete left the band to join Jim again in the new project and Tyrant finally split for good.

The 2 Marks formed Carerra, Danny went back to London. I dont know what happened to Phil


14. Which five metal albums are your favourites?

Number of the beast – Iron Maiden

Pyromania – Def Leppard

1984 - Van Halen

Blizzard of Oz - Ozzy

Hemispheres - Rush


15. What are you doing right now?

Musically- I am playing Bass in an Ozzy tribute band (check it out www.Wizardsofoz.co.uk)


16. Is there any chance that Tyrant will do a reunion?

Very unlikely, but I do think there is a chance that some of these songs will be recorded again in the future.


Watch awesome live pictures of Tyrant taken by Martin Imber!  Click here!

Here's an interview with the guy who used to play the guitar in Deep Switch. He's called Reverend Nice and are soon releasing the old Deep Switch album 'Nine Inches of God' on CD. He is also running a website for Deep Switch, where you can download the songs and watch pictures for example.
The Deep Switch site.

1. When were you born?

I was born on probation out of wedlock on the stormy night of 30th October 1895.


2. Where did you grow up?

I never grew up, I was chained in the attic for most of my childhood, then my parents bought a salt mine in Siberia and moved there for health reasons. I stayed behind.


3. When did you start playing the guitar?

I was 17 but I owned one for a long time before I knew how to play anything at all, maybe four years. I just stared at it and wondered how it was done. There was no one to show me anything. When I was 17 I went to Australia and a dude there started me on classical guitar. I did that for about six years.


4. What are your guitar influences?

Randy Rhoads, Randy Rhoads! - and a dude called Rory Gallagher. Randy is still the best.


5. Did you play in some other band before Deep Switch?

Yeah, they kicked me out! It was 30 years ago and I wasn't any good so they had to do it. Don't worry, I killed them all.


6. Can you tell us how you met the other band members?

I was at a witch burning in Norwhich and some of the guys were warming their hands round the fire. We couldn't talk because of the screaming so we went to the pub. Next thing you know we were legends in our own minds.


7. For how long was Deep Switch in the studio during the recording of the debut album?

40 days (and 40 nights) - If you book that much time you'll use that much time. Simon did all the drums first and then didn't come back until it was nearly done. Gander went next, so I had bass and drums to play to when it was my turn. I took the most time because I did left and right rhythm guitars as separate tracks, and the solos. Dave got up at the crack of noon and wandered in to sing whenever he was ready.


8. The guys in the band looks quite special on the back cover of Nine Inches of God. For example has Jinx cosmetics in his face and Simon de Montford wears "strange clothes". Why did Deep Switch decide to look like that?

In the early gigs we wore eye makeup but we weren't very good at putting it on. Gander and I always looked like racoons. Pretty soon we dropped all that and just showed up in jeans and T shirts.


9. Did you have plans about a new studio album after the release of Nine Inches of God?

See answer to 16. below


10. When the album was released. What happened with the band then?

This is from the http://deepswitch.net site:

* Tommy Vance (then at BBC Radio 1) loved the album and played it each weekend for a month. He said great things about us on the air and in writing. (Thanks Tommy!) Apparently, the full color cover caught his eye at a time when independent bands were using black and white and ransom note lettering.

* ALL reviews were very favorable with the exception of 'Kerrang' who gave us one star. They appeared to be upset about 'Poor Bastard.' We were glad, we didn't want to be among those that were getting five stars, it looked as if 'Kerrang' were either owned by the record companies or in their pockets. 'The Organ' (awesome dudes!) gave us a great review, placing us alongside the likes of Metallica and quite a few bought the album on the strenght of that review.

* Back's Cartel in Norwhich placed enough albums nationwide to cancel our debt to them, but that's all.

* The airplay we received was late, three weeks late in my opinion and the albums we might have sold had already been returned by the stores serviced by the Cartel. To my knowledge, Back's Cartel no longer exists.

* 220 record companies rejected us before we ran out of postage.


11. How was Deep Switch as live band? Did you wear special clothes on the scene or something like that?

I thought we were a good live band but we were in the wrong place - we should have played in London. We dropped the silly clothes and makeup in the end.


12. Why did the band break up?

We expected to get signed after the album came out but we were only offered deals that would keep us off the market so that we didn't compete with some other band the label had. We'd have to move to London to try again and we weren't prepared to do that.


13. What's your favorite Deep Switch song?

Spinning on the Wheel.


14. Are you listening to Deep Switch at home?

I have been lately, in the car - damn good album!


15. What's your three favorite albums?

Back in Black, Metal Church and Night at the Opera.


16. What are you doing nowadays? Have you got any other band now?

I'm working on a full length rock musical about evil, death, magic, demons and hell. Plenty of blood, lots of awesome Kung Fu and 18 songs. Should be ready in a few months.


17. Have you still got contact with the other members of the band?

Not a peep out of three of them for the last 20 years but I did contact Simon briefly about a year ago - he’s toured the US with at least one band and he’s still drumming.


18. Do you think it's possible that Deep Switch will do a reunion?

Sounds like fun but I haven't seen the dudes for nearly 20 years and we're in different countries. If we get together it will probably be for drinks in the pub.




This is an interview with the singer of Nightmare, Jo Amore. Nightmare is still active and their latest record is called 'Sient Room'.


1. When did you start to listen to heavy metal music? Were there any special bands for you?

First, i would like to say thanx to you and in your interest about the band.....Well I started to listen metal music back in the early eighties and the least to say is that I really love bands like DIO, WHITESNAKE and also RAINBOW... I was listening also a lot of IRON MAIDEN and some of the NWOBHM ! I really enjoyed metal music with those bands which pushed me to be a musician in this style !


2. Was there another band you played with or any other band name before Nightmare?

Before Nightmare I played in several very small bands but it was at the very beginning and nothing serious has been done with those bands : bands like STARBLICK or IMAGINE this lastest being more rock than metal !


3. How and where did you meet the other members of band?

I was drummer in IMAGINE when I had a contact with Yves Campion (Bass) ! We decided at that time (it was maybe in 1982 if I remember), to form a heavy metal band more into the IRON MAIDEN style ! We then started to look for musicians and got contact with a brilliant lead guitarist, Eric Caneiro, with him we started to compose quite a few songs and then we engaged a vocalist + a second guitar player, Nicolas De Dominicis...

Nightmare was born !!!


4. Bands from France like High Power, Sortilége and Blasphéme sang on the french language and so did also Nightmare on their first demo. Why are you singing in english on all your albums?

At first we were singing in French, we had like 10 to 12 songs in French ! We even did a demo in French + some concerts but when we started to look for a label, we got responses from foreign labels and especially Ebony Records from England. The label offered us a contract but wanted us to sing in English to have better chances to export the band ! We accepted of course the challenge !


5. After the release of the "Power Of The Universe" album Nightmare left Ebony Records. What was the reason for that?

Well, we signed to a English management company at that time (Spectrum Ltd) and they were really not happy about how things were turning with Ebony, like in Japan, where the albums were licensed : we were in the charts of the magazine Burrnn and didn't see any money from Ebony, in Greece also, we were licensed to Virgin records which is a major label and we didn't see any money either ! So our management simply decided to break contract with Ebony as we had the true impression to have been completely ripped off !


6. Which band has been funniest to play with on tour?

Well I don't remember particular things since so long time on the road but maybe a band named MANIAC with which we played back in 1985 ! It was a French band with strange clothes on stage ! They were really cool guys and funny too !


7. Have you got any practical joke to tell from the tours with Nightmare?

Many ! I cannot tell them in a few lines ! I remember for example our road crew making cool jokes like sticking on our amps and on the drum kit some porno pictures of a magazine instead of the setlist... a lot of stuff like that ! But telling everything in a few lines is impossible !


8. Why did you start to sing instead of drumming?

I started to sing like lead singer in a band called Temple and when we started this band, from 1987 to the middle of the years '90, they had already a very good drummer and I always was interested in being a singer, so I took the mike and things worked quite good for me in that sense !


9. Which Nightmare album are you most satisfied with?

Maybe the last one Silent Room, because it is a different work... It's the first concept album we always wanted to write and maybe because of this, I think it has something special ! Except for the production which is maybe be too stereotyped, I like a lot Cosmovision because this album has a lot of good songs with good melodies and this is also like a symbol, the first real album of our reunion so a very high challenge !


10. What do you think of the first albums Nightmare made nowadays?

They are pure NWOBHM and are quite fun to listen too ! But I think that with a much better production, with some instrumentations and choirs of nowadays and also with the equipment that we have now in the studio, those songs of the two first albums re-recorded could be killer !


11. What's the best with being a musician?

All aspects are the best ! Song-writing and composing and recording in a studio is something special but what I prefer, maybe is the scene and the contact with the audience !


12. Will there be any more Nightmare album in the future? If, how will it sound?

Well I hope so, It will always sound like NIGHTMARE ! We are not the kind of people that can be influenced ! The most important being to have pleasure when you play music and to be happy to play what you feel ! Thanx again to you and your readers...keep the faith in our favorite music...

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- Mike & Bezz.